Things to do in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

After our first visit to Amsterdam in 2014, we decided it would be a place we’d return to several more times! Over the years, I compiled a list of some of my favorite things to do in Amsterdam.

Enjoy the sights on foot

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. The canals provide a photo opportunity around every corner. Take some time on foot to wander the city and get lost in it! That’s often where the best memories are made.

Girlfriends in Amsterdam.

Brunch at Teds

Teds is a vibe! Great food, craft cocktails, modern and witty decor — it’s a hangover cure. I make it a tradition to visit Teds each time I go to Amsterdam.

Brunch at Teds in Amsterdam.

Rent a pedal boat

During nice weather, renting a pedal boat is an excellent way to get around the canals of Amsterdam — great exercise too! Bring your own food and beverages and have a picnic on the water.

Be a bit careful — there are a lot of larger, faster boats in the water and you must yield to them!

Pedal boat Amsterdam

Go on a booze cruise

Take an open boat sunset cruise with all drinks included for an amazing evening experience! This can either be a romantic date or a fun time with friends. Be sure to reserve in advance!

Drinking wine on a canal cruise in Amsterdam

Eat at Foodhallen

Foodhallen has something for everyone! This food hall features a wide variety of cuisines under one roof. It’s a lively atmosphere and is often packed, so be prepared to wait in line or wait for a table with open seats (worth it!).

De Ballen from Foodhallen in Amsterdam

Enjoy a Stroopwafel

You can’t visit Amsterdam without enjoying a stroopwafel! Grab a fresh one from a street vendor if you can. You’ll even get to watch the process of them being made.

Erinn enjoying a Stroopwafel in Amsterdam

Check out the Red Light District

Last but not least, check out the Red Light District. There are tons of bars and clubs along these streets, live sex shows if that’s your cup of tea, and you can pay a visit to the Museum of Prostitution to learn more about the history of this infamous district of Amsterdam.

The Red Light District in Amsterdam.

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam, and this list barely skims the surface! Enjoy, rent a bike, spend time in the park, visit the museums and have a wonderful time.

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