3 Days in Ireland: Dublin, Cliffs of Moher

3 Days in Ireland: Dublin, Cliffs of Moher

News of my best friend visiting from the States brought us to Ireland! We flew there for the weekend and visited Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Rock of Cashel over the span of three days.


We flew from Frankfurt to Dublin via RyanAir. In Dublin, we rented a car and Ben drove on the “wrong” side of the road for the first time. It took a little getting used to! If you’re only visiting Dublin, renting a car isn’t necessary. Based on our itinerary and the multiple stops we would be making, we decided it was the best option for us.

It was a short drive from the airport to our hotel in Dublin, the Jurys Inn Christchurch. This hotel is in a great location, just a couple blocks away from Temple Bar district. We had a lovely view from our room!

Upon arrival our bellies were rumbling, so we ventured out to the closest restaurant we could find for lunch. After lunch, we walked around Dublin and became acquainted with our new surroundings. That evening, we enjoyed our first night out in Dublin at Bad Bob’s and The Oliver St. John Gogarty. Both of these bars had live music — Gogarty’s even had a group of traditional Irish dancers!

Cliffs of Moher

The next morning, we left early to drive from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher (roughly a 3-hour drive) to meet my friend and her family. It was a lovely drive with vast stretches of open land and meadows, and a windy road through a village to get to the cliffs.

We spent the next couple hours walking along the cliffs and taking in the beauty. This is an absolute must-see when visiting Ireland. We walked past the end of the tourist path into the at-your-own-risk area and continued to (safely) navigate our way along the cliffs for some really rewarding views.

After the cliffs, it was time to head back to where Olivia was staying — the Adare Manor in Limerick. They scored an amazing Groupon deal to stay in a luxurious town home on the estate. We enjoyed a fancy dinner at the manor followed by drinks in the basement bar. 10/10 recommend!

Rock of Cashel

The following day, we drove back to Dublin with a stop in Tipperary to see the Rock of Cashel

The town of Tipperary is rather cute! We enjoyed brunch at a nice cafe, then walked up the hill to the Rock of Cashel. Atop the Rock of Cashel sit several old buildings, including a tower and cathedral that date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. It’s a beautiful spot for photos!

Back to Dublin

Following our visit to the Rock of Cashel, we drove back to Dublin with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, it was our last night together. We began at Bad Bob’s, then went to the Temple Bar. It was a great night and we were sad when it came to an end.

Three days is not enough time in Ireland — we will return for more one day!

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